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Silver from The Director

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Preface from Tim: The Director has been a beloved member of Slope for years. I’ve met him in person, and we communicate often via email or text, and he’s a good egg. Recently, he asked about making some silver bars available to Slopers. Although he generously offered me a portion of the proceeds, I refused, mainly because I felt a debt of gratitude to The Director and was happy to give him space to let people know. I just want to be clear this is not a business relationship on my part, but I am pleased to offer The Director an opportunity to present the following:

Today we are in an unprecedented times, and the market, and the dollar are in a precarious state. We also worry about inflation as in this quarter, prices were up dramatically, with inflation estimated to be averaging 4.4% and the price of commodities, such as lumber, skyrocketing, with up to 400% increase in its prior price.

Precious metals are a good inflation hedge in these difficult times.

I myself have been looking to redistribute assets to precious metals because of the rampant and uncontrolled spending by the federal government, and the low silver to gold price ratio. Silver is far more scarce than gold, in terms of new mining, and the price could have great gains in the future.

Due to the above I wanted to create an opportunity for Slope of Hope members. For those who are members of any category, my company will offer a 25% discount to the cheapest Ebay price of a 1000 oz silver bar. For those Silver (pun intended), Gold or Platinum members, we will offer a 35% discount.

Supplies are extremely limited. If there is strong interest I will continue with this offering, and potentially expand it depending on demand. You can reach me at email address slopepolar AT

Good luck with your trading!

Meme Meme the Dancing Machine

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Well, I thought the whole Gamestop/Meme/RagingKitty/WSB nonsense was a thing of the past, but it has persisted. The man-of-the-hour at the moment is movie theatre outfit AMC, which has gone up nearly 1,000% in the past six months. And why not? Revenue has gone up 1,000%, as have profits, as theatres are packed to the gills every single day of the week with excited movie goers. Or maybe not. But the chart tells the tale:

slopechart AMC

Tickling from Beneath

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I like using old-fashioned expressions, but one I’ve never understood (I think it tends to be used more in Britain than the U.S.) is “too clever by half.” However, the spirit of that expression leaps to mind when I think of my own recent decision to take my profits on crypto. One glance at the CryptoStream page for my own portfolio shows my 25% gains for which I was putting myself on the back so firmly have been overshadowed with just a couple more days in the can.