Meme Meme the Dancing Machine

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Well, I thought the whole Gamestop/Meme/RagingKitty/WSB nonsense was a thing of the past, but it has persisted. The man-of-the-hour at the moment is movie theatre outfit AMC, which has gone up nearly 1,000% in the past six months. And why not? Revenue has gone up 1,000%, as have profits, as theatres are packed to the gills every single day of the week with excited movie goers. Or maybe not. But the chart tells the tale:

slopechart AMC

Not to say that selling tickets and popcorn at movie theatres is universally the hottest industry on the planet. Cinemark doesn’t exactly look ready to rock and roll:

slopechart CNK
Cinemark (symbol CNK)

Nor does Marcus:

slopechart MCS
Marcus (symbol MCS)

Oh, and as long as we’re on the subject of popular entertainment, let’s enjoy a blast from the past. Yes, this was seriously some of the most popular fare in the entire country. This is what you get when your entire universe of choices is three networks.