Irving R. Levine

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I’ve added a few more interesting odds and ends to my watch list drawn from the Slope Economic Database and wanted to share some charts with you now, along with a few remarks in the caption area.

slopechart PPI
The Fed incessantly claims that it wants inflation but isn’t getting it. Uh-huh.
slopechart FR BAMLH A HYM
Here we can see the clear correlation between the high-yield options spread and periods of financial turmoil. The upside-down letter “V” shows the bursting of the Internet bubble, the financial crisis (which, here, was a monster), and a trio of “bursts” afterward, most recently from Covid.
slopechart FR CPIAUCNS
Oh, yeah. Back to inflation. I think the Fed seriously doesn’t have to worry about things getting steadily more expensive.
slopechart FR CUSR SETA
Looking more closely, you can see that prices have recently gone absolutely vertical.
slopechart FR PCE
Which means, of course, that people are spending more on “stuff” than they ever have before. The insatiable need of consumers to………consume……….never fails to astonish me.
slopechart FR RRPONTSYD
Lastly, just for the lulz, here are the lengths that the Fed is having to resort to in order to try to keep a lid on this madcap in sanity.