It Makes Me Twitch

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In many ways, I am mentally permanently at 17 years old, but this is one of those posts where I’ll seem to be, oh, about 84. What got me started was seeing this information:

As you can see, hundreds of thousands of people will simultaneously sit on their asses and watch another person play a video game. It’s a huge, huge industry. And it just boggles my mind.

I mean, I was around for the advent of video games, and today they are many orders of magnitude more sophisticated, but I’ve never really had an interest in them (with the notable exception of playing House of the Dead 2 endlessly during Prophet’s salad days).

The reason I was particularly “triggered” (!) by this information is because of what I’m seeing a lot of Facebook these days. Now I am not a big Facebook user at all – – over the course of an entire week, I might spend 5 minutes there. But one of the main features lately has been to watch other people play games. And not just any people. But people who look like this (I didn’t cherry-pick these; these were the first four selections).

So basically you have channel after channel of these dimwitted-looking young ladies playing games. Which I guess should be doubly-appealing to young men, because they not only get to sit on their ass watching someone else play a shoot-’em-up game, but they get to ogle a comely young lass. (Most of them strike me as breathtakingly vapid).

My hand to God, I think almost every human on this planet just pisses their life away.