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Macro Falling Into Place

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Pretty please with sugar on top, let the markets correct

Because this week I did the very thing that exposes my dark side by shorting leveraged mid-caps (MIDU) and this morning got long a VIX vehicle (VIXY) while it was still negative. Before that I shorted the Euro (EUO) and longed the USD (UUP), which are sort of the same thing, and raised a lot of cash. When I have anti-market or bear positions and the markets get a kick save I get disturbed. It’s a psychological vulnerability I have.

I’d rather do this the easy way instead of the usual way bearish positioning goes. I will not make money if the market crashes, but I’ll lose a lot less of it as the portfolios are constructed right now. From here I have the option to go back to bull boy or increase bearish positioning, pending setups and indicators.

So… I am ready for it. I was out for the last 1.5 hours of the day and the last thing I wanted to see when I returned was the market up and that is for two main reasons:


Sacred Shiver

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Oh. My. Lord. This is from over a quarter of a century ago, but I had never seen this particular clip. It is the senior execs at Microsoft at the Windows 95 launch (I think it’s pretty clear they had no VP of Diversity at the time). I am delighted to know that at some point in history there were five men on the planet who actually were dorkier and danced more poorly than me. Must see to believe:

Sunday Shorts

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It’s been a long time since I’ve felt so energized about the stock market. Bit by bit, things are truly beginning to break down. I am loaded to the gills with very large put positions on sixteen different instruments right now. Here are eight of them, along with some brief commentary. I have zoomed in on what I consider the most germane portions of the chart.

Seller-of-furniture-made-out-of-cushions Lovesac has completed an exceptionally good head and shoulders topping pattern.

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