Perma-riser Funhouse

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Ever wonder where all those trillions from the Fed wound up? Well, there’s plenty of balloons for all that helium, and below I offer a dozen real-life examples to illustrate just how bug-eyed insane the world has become. This isn’t normal, folks. And it isn’t sustainable. My only astonishment is just how long they’ve been able to keep this show going. Observe and be amazed:

slopechart DE
slopechart ACN
slopechart ADBE
slopechart BX
slopechart COST
slopechart DHR
slopechart IDXX
slopechart INTU
slopechart MSCI
slopechart MSFT
slopechart NKE
slopechart POOL

And just in case anyone is under the illusion that the above results are from a thriving, robust, organic economy, I’ll leave you with one last chart, which is the assets the Federal Reserve has been gobbling up with freshly-printed digital dollars. Looks kind of similar, doesn’t it?

slopechart FR TREAST