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Moments ago, there was a conversation in the Knight household which speaks volumes.

My wife and I read constantly, and we’ll often mutter some headline that we just read simply to keep the other more-or-less informed about everything happening on our lively little planet. So just now:

Tim: “Sez here the number of deaths in the U.S. is now the same as the 1918-1919 flu pandemic.”

Wife: “Mm-hmm.”

Tim: “Seventy-five dogs died from a fire at a boarding facility in Texas!”

Wife: “OH MY GOD!”

I mean, she doesn’t have the disdain for humanity that I do. If I found out that 90% of humans had just vanished, hey, no problem. In fact, that’s great! Or 95%. Or 99%. But…………dogs……….no.

It’s really horrible. The Yelp page is still up, and naturally it’s getting plastered with 1-star fury. Their website is still up too.

As a person who has spent five-figures boarding his dogs, I can’t imagine the outrage and heartbreak happening with the families of these dogs who died from smoke inhalation or fire. The owner has, from all accounts, been ducking responsibility, leaving the hard work to the employees. I strongly suspect no one is going to let him forget this negligence. It’s an unforgivable dereliction of duty to creatures far better than ourselves.