The New Algorand

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For years I’ve pushed and prodded, but I’m increasingly convinced that virtually all free Sloper accounts are Mr. Pink. Just sitting around the table, drinking coffee, chit-chatting, and paying zero. (My friend Evil Speculator continues to write me and castigate me that I permit any free usage at all, but I guess I’m a soft touch).

Thus, I think I’m going to try to remember to do three kinds of posts. One is the classic “Slope Plus” premium post (Gold and Platinum members) which are my best ideas. The middleground is a quality post with what I consider ideas worth sharing but shared with all paying members (and this post will be one of them). And then there will be the free posts which talk about things like, say, how humans have the same DNA as bananas and some goofy thing I just thought of while I was swimming laps.

For those who actually want a paying membership, here’s the link. That is the one and only revenue source for the site, and as I say, I’m going to increasingly nudge myself to keep the tradeable, actionable content behind the paywall. So here we go, with the good stuff only visible to paying members………..(shown below):