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Tim started writing this blog on March 29, 2005 simply as a personal diary. Over the months and years, readership of this blog has increased to tens of thousands of people every day, even though the blog’s purpose – Tim yammering on about charts and the markets – hasn’t changed much.

This blog is not, and have never been, investment advice. It is a free blog that allows me to express my own views on the market and specific securities – as well as make whatever cultural observations or other odds and ends strike me as worth writing about. So I take absolutely no responsibility for the losses – – or any credit for the gains – – you may or may not make from reading this forum. Whether you lose your life savings or make a fortune is entirely up to you and your own skills/luck/fate.

Several things to remember about this blog:

  • + This isn’t investment advice. I’m just talking about my own views of the market.Your decisions are your own. I’m just exercising my right to free speech in this once-great land of ours.
  • + I am afflicted with the disease Ursinus Perpetuus, which gives me a strong inclination to short stocks. Those with a bullish bent may feel discomfort, rage, and – occasionally – envy. Suffice it to say I tilt to the bearish side.
  • + The comments section is one of the key components of this blog. Keep it lively, but also keep it civil. All views are welcome here, as long as you don’t resort to ad hominem attacks (especially against your host), obscenities, advertisements for other sites, or other behavior which strikes me as beneath the noble little corner of the web we’ve got here.

Please note I am the principal of Tim Knight Organization, LLC, a California-registered investment adviser. The content of the postings and investment strategies and discussions provided herein do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or policies of Tim Knight Organization, LLC and Tim Knight Organization, LLC makes no warranties regarding the accuracy of their content or their completeness.