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(Note: if you’d simply like to know how to participate in comments, please read this post as well as this important update).

Since I began writing this blog in early 2005, the community that reads it has grown tremendously. Each day, thousands of comments are posted, and plenty of “old timers” have made names for themselves in terms of their insights and trading prowess. Hang around for a week, and you’ll quickly pick up on the pulse and personality of the Slope of Hope.

Discussion is a vital part of the site. People learn from one another, share ideas, offer suggestions, and create an “atmosphere” to the site which makes it somewhat self-sustaining.

I have been involved in online communities since 1982, over a decade before the public Internet even existed. Over the course of that quarter century, I’ve become pretty adept at sensing and understanding the nature of an electronic community.

This is my blog, and I tend to be open to divergent opinions. Having said that, I do consider this place to be similar to a gathering at my house………my goal is for people to enjoy themselves, learn from each other, and want to return. But if someone chooses to act unpleasantly, I’m going to ask that person to leave (or, more accurately, ban them).

There seems to be some confusion as to what is welcome and what is not. The following items are very welcome in the discussion:

+ URLs to sites or articles that you think might be helpful for other traders (you should use the “Link” feature for these for best results)
+ Occasional links to other trading blogs, including your own (as long as it is free)
+ The sharing of trading ideas (using the “Idea” feature)

The following items are not welcome and will cause me to consider booting you:

+ Advertisements of any kind, including those for fee-based trading sites
+ Abusive or obnoxious language/behavior, particularly to your good-natured host
+ A consistent attitude or disposition which stinks the place up

Please note that Slopers also embrace good spelling and syntax. Anyone with a solid 6th grade education should know the difference between a contraction and a personal pronoun and have a reasonable grasp of how to spell common words.

Your presence here is a gift to me. The time I put into this blog is my gift to you. But if you do not want to accept the gift, I would prefer you not come here. Otherwise, I appreciate your making Slope a part of your reading.