Favorite Trading Sites

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There are far too many blogs for any one human to track each day, but a few have “bubbled to the top” for me in my own trading:

  • ETF Corner
  • Written by a long-time Sloper in Paris (known as Royale with Cheese – who also is good enough to keep me supplied with chocolates), this blog focuses on – you guessed it – ETF trading. The blog has a sharp, clean logic and a lucid use of charts that I appreciate.

  • Zero Hedge
  • Written by the omnipresent Tyler Durden (a pseudonym for a whole stable of anonymous writers), ZH is the go-to site for the latest information on the doings of Goldman Sachs and Wall Street in general. This site is a Sloper favorite; it’s also one of the few sites that make Slope seems conservative in its tin-foil-hat-ness.

  • Smart Money Tracker
  • Gary Savage has been on Slope for a long time, and although he and I have often differed in opinion, he garners a lot of respect from me due to his dispassionate and thorough analysis of the markets. This site is especially useful to those interested in precious metals. Gary’s cycle analysis and insights have been very useful to me.