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Couldn’t Happen to a Nicer Gal!

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NEW YORK CITY – July 29, 2009 — Irving L. Picard, the
Trustee appointed to liquidate the business of Bernard L. Madoff Investment
Securities LLC ("BLMIS"), filed suit today against Ruth Madoff, the
wife of Bernard L. Madoff, seeking to recapture at least $44,822,355 in funds
that were transferred from BLMIS during the past six years directly to Mrs.
Madoff or for her benefit to companies in which she was an investor. 

In the Trustee’s complaint, filed in Bankruptcy Court in
Manhattan by the Trustee's law firm, Baker & Hostetler LLP, Mr. Picard
details 111 transactions which he alleges were fraudulent transfers or
conveyances recoverable under the Bankruptcy Code.

Noting that "for decades, Mrs. Madoff lived a
life of splendor using the money of BLMIS's customers," Mr. Picard states
in the complaint that "regardless of whether or not Mrs. Madoff knew of
the fraud her husband perpetrated" money she received from BLMIS
should be recovered "to the extent possible for the benefit of BLMIS and
its defrauded customers."

On June 26, 2009, when Bernard Madoff was sentenced
to a 150-year jail sentence, Madoff agreed to forfeit all of their assets to
the United States government, which, in turn, agreed not to contest Mrs.
Madoff's claim to $2.5 million.  But that forfeiture expressly provides
that it "does not in any way preclude … Irving H. Picard, Esq. as
trustee for the liquidation of the business of defendant Bernard L. Madoff
Investment Securities LLC … from seeking to recover the Funds from Ruth Madoff."

In the complaint filed today, Mr. Picard states
that “while Madoff's crimes have left many investors impoverished and some
charities decimated, Mrs. Madoff remains a person of substantial means. 
The inequity between Mrs. Madoff's continuing financial advantages and the
economic distress of Madoff's customers compels the Trustee to bring this

Ample Room for Further Weakness

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Below is the SPY. The 38.2% Fibonacci is quite meaningful. There's plenty of room between here and the next lower line for weakness. I remain 100% bearishly positioned, although, as I've mentioned, I covered my USO, GDX, GLD, and OIH shorts for oh-so-refreshing profits earlier today. And, once I think we've weakened sufficiently, I intend to stick to my plan of playing the long side (but concentrated in just a few big positions – not spread out among a zillion shorts like I'm doing on the bear side).


Short Ideas – 3 of 3

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MCHP 27.50 390
MDY 113.89 1000
MEOH 17.26 750
MON 84.71 120
MSTR 60.81 180
MT 38.06 300
MTD 87.11 120
MTN 29.44 390
MUR 59.26 180
NAK 7.61 1600
NNN 22.92 500
OSK 27.29 390
PBR 43.15 250
PGN 39.83 270
PRGO 28.76 390
PTNR 19.17 570
QQQQ 39.60 2700
RATE 29.19 370
RIMM 78.21 140
RTH 83.33 640
SAN 51.24 210
SIAL 51.45 210
SLX 46.70 1200
SMH 25.77 410
SPLS 21.75 500
STX 12.77 900
TXN 24.14 480
UTX 55.04 200
VFC 69.04 180
WOOF 27.08 370
YUM 36.47 300

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