They Imperceptibly Slumped

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Today's post is going to be a little unusual – – it is simply a clip from one of my favorite movies of all time, Glengarry Glen Ross. And, no, it's not the Alec Baldwin speech – – I'm not that predictable.

This clip is with Jack Lemmon and Al Pacino. Lemmon's character, Sheldon Levine, has, at long last, bagged a sale. He has been on a losing streak for a long time, and he finally bags a winner.

The way he tells the story – and, most importantly, what it feels like inside for him – is amazing to watch. (GGGR fans will kindly set aside the fact that Levine's victory is a Pyrrhic one, as that would take away from my point). In any event, today was a sensational day, and I invite you to enjoy this marvelous bit of acting by two of the greats (please note some of the language is R-Rated, so don't crank up your speakers).