Waiting Out the Insanity

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Well, if the market wanted to make me lose interest in trading it, then: mission accomplished. Yesterday's Rally-From-Hell and the subsequent Sorry-Just-Kidding is exactly the kind of thing that makes participating in a market like this little different than strolling through an unmarked mine field.

This is not to say I've gone flat. I still have multiple short positions, but I doubt I'm going to get anywhere past 50% committed (that is, at least half the portfolio in cash) until this stupid, idiotic, frustrating, agonizing, moronic, infuriating European Salvation Plan From God is announced. I don't feel like getting my hand blown off with the surprise announcement of a $25 trillion Euro plan served with a case of red wine and a bag full of baguettes for every citizen in the Eurozone.

I hope it's announced, I hope it falls on its face, and I hope the leaders of Europe are hung in effigy shortly thereafter. Until that happens, I'm keeping my body parts intact.