The Fruits of Op/Twist Continue to Ripen

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We have noted repeatedly that Operation Twist served to benefit
strategic areas (like housing) with its purchases of long dated Treasury
bonds, which kept rates down on the long end.  We have also noted that
Twist sought to sanitize these asset purchases by selling short-term
Treasury bonds to keep the yield curve tame and snuff out any inflation
signals that would come from a rising money supply.  Enter Goldilocks.

It’s all lies.  It is a painting rendered by a most brilliant of Fed
chiefs playing tricks with the nation’s bloated debt load.  People are
buying the stock market now and they (and their investment fund
managers) probably don’t give a damn about what created the rally.  It’s
Goldilocks and that’s all they are concerned with.


I distinctly remember watching the first yellow highlighted bullish
pattern form.  Here, don’t believe me?  I am a perma bear?  Here’s the
post from back then (7.3.12):

Housing Index Targets Higher

I did not buy it because I find it difficult to buy things that I
either don’t believe in or are entirely dependent upon overly powerful
people doing things that should be illegal in order to manage markets to
desired outcomes.

But the chart was the chart and it was bullish.  HGX has since gone
on to much higher levels than I had anticipated as it carries along the
absolute dumbest, most greedy money on the planet in tow.  These people
were hiding in foxholes last summer.

Just remember that if you want to go chasing this market.  These people are your co-sponsors.

Risk vs. reward on the broad US stock market stinks.  I was not
afraid to call it bullish last summer and I am not afraid to call it
what it is now.