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Shorting the Pound

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This year has seen a lot of significant technical movement. Over the last quarter of last year and in 2013 so far we have seen the destruction of the huge bearish patterns on equities and elsewhere that loomed over the technical landscape in 2012, and every remaining obvious level for SPX to turn back down for a decline continuing from, and comparable to, the declines after the tech and property bubbles has now been broken. The economy is still weak and current policies look highly suspect longer term, but any really major high on equities could now be several years away, and the current cyclical bull market from 2011 looks likely to run quite a distance further. (more…)

Carl Doesn’t Scare Me

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Carl Icahn has been gobbling up Herbalife (symbol HLF) and has been making a spectable of himself while doing so. Most of us remember the “rumble in the concrete jungle” earlier this year. But, in spite of the man’s billions and, let’s face it, his inimitable good looks, his stock acquisitions haven’t broken the pattern I recognized in the first place, which is a substantial diamond pattern that calls for lower prices ahead.