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Money Flow for May Week One

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Further to my last Weekly Market Update and its subsequent Addendum, this week’s update will look at:

  • 6 Major Indices
  • 9 Major Sectors
  • SPX:VIX Ratio
  • Hypothetical Portfolio
  • Copper
  • Lumber
  • Homebuilders ETF
  • Emerging Markets ETF
  • 30-Year Bonds
  • Various World Markets (*N.B. These will be covered in a separate Addendum post because of space concerns in this post…please check my Blog at this link to see that one) (more…)

Big Round Numbers

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Well, we’ve crossed 15,000 on the Dow and 1,600 on the S&P. The bulls are understandably thrilled.

I’ve been quiet this morning. One might assume I’ve been hiding under my bedsheets. Tempting as that is, I’ve actually been busily getting my family dispatched to various and sundry transportation depots; I’ll be joining them this afternoon after the markets close.

I’m not going to be very prolific today (unlike yesterday, when I was cranking out posts left and right), but I’m going to publish my “big post” late this afternoon, after I give people a while to get sloshed at the virtual bar.

Hang in there, everyone, and congratulations to the bulls. You guys are buying drinks tonight.


Still Testing Resistance

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Another marginal higher high on SPX yesterday, though that was a marginally lower high on ES. On the ES chart that was a retest of broken rising support for the last move and the overnight action looks like a bull flag, though it’s worth noting that at this point yesterday the overnight action looked like a bear flag. Support on ES this morning is in the 1586/7 area at the hourly 50 and 100 MAs:

150503 ES 60min trendlines