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Stuck Windows And Squeaky Gates

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With all the turmoil surrounding politics and more. A few other spectacles came into sight that also had me shaking my head in both laughter as well as disbelief.

There is the debacle currently taking place in Microsoft’s (MS) newest version of Windows®. It turns out as of this writing users aren’t all that crazy about it. So much so that MS itself has issued an acknowledgement and, are going to do more than an update to fix bugs. They need to make major changes. (Yes – the complaints are getting that bad)  If this isn’t this centuries first “New Coke” moment, nothing is. (more…)

Big in Japan

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Fellow Slopers,

In a post earlier this week (“Shorting Japanese Hockey Stick”), our host noted how Japanese stocks have been going nuts since Abenomics was unleashed (quantitative easing about 4x as large as we’ve had in the US). In this post, we’ll talk a look at the current hedging costs of a handful of the iShares MSCI Japan Index ETF (EWJ) and a handful of US-traded Japanese stocks. First though, I thought I’d share a quick article about one of our host’s favorite companies, Tesla Motors (TSLA). (more…)