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Sliver Slips Off Its Pole And Enters A Hole

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This post may draw the ire of precious metals trumpeters on Slope (ahem – “Kooks” – editor), but silver looks exceedingly vulnerable to me here, at least in the intermediate term.  It has already slipped off the small volume pole that was holding it around $22.50 and is now solidly in a volume hole.  I don’t see much stopping SLV from getting down below $20, at which point it will find a home in the $17.50-18.50 range for a bit.  If it slides off that pole too, we will hear a collective liquid metal scream.


What would give me pause is that SLV is well into oversold territory on the 5-day RSI and also on the 14-day RSI.  There is little to stop this from getting down to $17.50-19.80, however.

A Sloper on SNX

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A thoughtful Sloper just emailed me this and gave me permission to share:

A different approach to shorting on SNX
As one can see in the graph below, SNX gapped down on lowered guidance and a decline in profitability.  If one is interested in shorting the rebound, where would a good entry point be?

A classic approach would be to wait for the price to recover to above 38, at the bottom of the gap.  But is that the only way to decipher an entry point?  A 50% Fibonacci retracement level of the total decline at 36.63 could be another good approach.

The shorts certainly seem to think this could be a good stopping point.  Yesterday, they held the stock under the 50 day MA and 58.93% of the day’s volume was due to shorting.  However, today at around 11:30 AM, the stock is above the 50 day MA and around the 50% retracement level.  Time will tell if this is a good short at this level.