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Just to Be Clear about Comments

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As most of you know, comments are a vital part of Slope (perhaps, on the whole, even more 1220-talkimportant than the posts themselves). A lot of bloggers treat their readers with contempt when it comes to the comments section, and that attitude puzzles me. I want to encourage and nurture community and discussion as much as I can.

It dawned on me that I’ve never really had a decent page about the basics of using comments, so I’ve substantially updated thisĀ page (which is accessible via the Help menu) to give people some basic information about the comments system and how to use it. For your lurkers out there, I strongly encourage you to read it, because – – as I say on the page – – most lurkers want to participate, but they are afraid of saying something that would embarrass them. This fear is utterly unfounded. Some blogs (cough cough ZeroHedge cough cough) have a brutal, abusive environment, but Slopers are sweeties. Please read the page!

Possible Double-Tops Forming

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I was going to post the chart below on twitter last night but became dispirited and went to bed after my main computer crashed for the eighth time. I was showing the possible double-top setup on SPX that was forming yesterday as SPX was repeatedly failing to make a new high. This setup might break down today to retest broken double-bottom resistance at 1792.22. My overall lean for the rest of December is bullish but this needs to be borne in mind today. SPX 15min chart: (more…)