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Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

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I am presently zipping a little over five miles above our little planet, heading to the Southwest for – you guessed it – a fencing tournament. They have WiFi on board, and as I have a full weekend of driving kids from event to event, I wanted to at least get a post out while I had the chance (oh, and outside contributors, I encourage you to put up a post; I could use the help!) (more…)

Get Positioned Now!

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Here in California, the market opens at 6:30 in the morning. I typically get up at about 6 a.m. and get ready for the day. At 4:44 a.m., molecool emailed me saying he had put up a “time-sensitive” post and asked me to put it up. It basically called for the market to shoot higher (which, 45 minutes later, it certainly did). I wrote to him and apologized for not posting it, but he’s asked me to post it anyway, just to show what was behind his thinking process; so here ya go:

This is a special early morning briefing as things are on the move on the equities side and there is little time to waste. Overnight equities managed to cover some ground and we are now approaching (or have already breached) several of the inside period long triggers I posted yesterday evening. But what’s even better is how the short term charts are currently lining up with the daily triggers – observe: (more…)

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