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Could We Stop with the Spikes?

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As if 2013 wasn’t challenging enough for old style chartists, it seems that lately some completely insane trades or calculations have been taking place that utterly screw the charts up. In just the past twenty-four hours, two of the most followed items in financial markets have complete barfage within their otherwise sensible tape action. Bonds had some huge-volume, weird-ass trade on Sunday: (more…)

Angie’s Lost

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Let’s face it – any stock in the social media space that isn’t flying at the present time must have serious, serious problems. The updraft obvious from a glance at FB or TWTR should propel any firm to new highs (on a daily basis, apparently) that has a chance at a decent future. Thus, ANGI looks pretty bad. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this thing utterly collapse in 2014. I personally am stunned this thing has a meaningful number of subscribers at all. (more…)

Smoke Signals

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I was asked a very good question on Friday, namely why I had looked so carefully in the morning at a bear setup that was likely to be demolished at the open. There are two main reasons for that and they are first that my role is to look at the market and interpret what I see in terms of patterns and setups. It’s not for me to ignore anything I see that doesn’t fit what I am expecting to see, and I did qualify the bear setups with the comments that my overall lean was strongly bullish, seasonality and the GDP figures were bullish, and that the setup might well just break up into new highs, as it then did. The second reason is that seeing these patterns form and be steamrollered by bulls is of itself a strong signal that we are back in a strong wave up, and after these patterns broke up into new highs on Friday any remaining doubts in my mind about that were put to rest. (more…)