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Back in May 2009 over 5 years ago I penned an article which at the time was met with cat calls and more.

As I’m currently working on my upcoming book and other projects I thought it would be fitting to re-post the article to demonstrate just how far ahead of the curve we can be at times. Remember, in 2009 the buzz word of the day was: Solvency.

No one (and I do mean no one) was considering or giving any credence to what is now the buzz word of today: Inversion. i.e., Moving the corporate headquarters to another country to avoid paying higher U.S. taxes. Now, it’s all you hear. Dunkin’ Donuts™ Tim Horton’s™ being the latest example.

America: Love it or Leave it…but what happens if they do!
May 12, 2009

Before anyone decides this is a column based on a Right or Left debate to stir up tensions, you would be not only mistaken, but foolish.

I want you to think outside the box because so many are finding themselves stuck inside the box. Such headlines as the above come from every direction that one no longer thinks about whether the questions are relevant.

I have said before that it’s up to you to decipher and put into context all the information or questions that you come across and see if you can use it, or just file it.

Just because the phraseology of a question might now seem politically incorrect you must still ask yourself: is it relevant?

So look at the question again and think with this mindset: As a business owner, entrepreneur, CEO, or multinational company ( or just fill in your own ) would you still be, or stay Head Quartered in the USA if – you could move your business anywhere in the world, and your customers would not know or probably even care?

This question is very important if not crucial for where you need to position yourself for the upcoming business future.

For those who think they can wait, might I remind you that over the last 18 months the business future that you believed to exist is now…GONE. The banking system, the financial vehicles, the corporate governance, political meddling, and on and on, are forever changed…Period!

If you haven’t been up at night sleepless at times, or overcome with confusion of where or what you need to do in order to move ahead, I’ll assume you’re either not in business, or you don’t understand the real depths of what has transpired over the last 18 months.

What happens to your thought process as a business person once you learn your business taxes, or other mandates could be raised to a point your business might either be hindered, or unable to compete – at any time!

Do you close your business? Pass on the expenses? (yeah that’ll work….not!) OR? Move!

Just liked conditions have changed at a breathtaking pace, the technology that allows companies and people to be global in reach and presence has also. So why wouldn’t a company strategically think about utilizing all the tools available to compete?

Take myself as an example to qualify my questions. I could be writing this article as I’m sitting in an airport in Singapore half way around the world. I could call you later this evening from my hotel room in Hong Kong and you wouldn’t know, or most likely, not even care because I could conduct business with you in the same manner as if I were in my office in the United States.

So once again it begs the question: If it can be done, and done easily -why wont it be done? And done quickly if it can mean profits, or could stave off bankruptcy?

All questions have answers, it’s up to you if they’re relevant.

By the way….How do you say ….I have to leave in Mandrin?

wǒ děi zǒu le

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