A Baffling Idea

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I’ve written before about the rash of suicides among high school students here in Palo Alto (notably, in this post). As a follow-up, I wanted to share with you a snippet from the front page of this morning’s Palo Alto Daily Post:


OK, so let’s get this straight: what’s being proposed is that teachers be paid additional money to help compensate for the strain they feel that some of their students are jumping in front of trains?

I absolutely detest this phrase, but I must use it here: “Really?”

I can imagine the conversation over dinner one night:

Husband: “Hey, honey, I noticed your automatic deposit in our checking account was bigger than normal. Did they give you a raise?”

Wife: “Yep, they sure did!”

Husband: “That’s great! So you must be doing a great job, huh?”

Wife: “No. Some kids at school killed themselves.”

Husband: “……

I’d like to gently remind everyone just how overly intelligent Palo Alto is supposed to be. Battle pay. Give me a break.