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Gold & US Banks; a Critical Juncture

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piggybankIt’s all about confidence, right? Right.

In 2011, when the commodity and ‘inflation’ trades blew out, the Federal Reserve was completely discredited, with gold bugs out front poking them in the eye with taunts of “Helicopter Ben”. Markets rebelled against the Fed by sending silver to $50 and commodities in general to an all-time high.

Today, we have come 180° as market participants the world over have been conditioned to revere policy made from on high. Herds being what they are, every utterance from the jawbones of these former buffoons is respected in the form of instantaneous market movement. It’s as if everyone believes the Fed is in total control.

One indicator that this confidence is coming unwound would be a breakdown in the banks. They are right at key… as in critical… as in bull market… support. Not surprisingly, gold has taken on an inverse stance to the Pigs. This should be interesting.

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The ECAT Revolution (Update)

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We have made a post a few days ago, about a possible correlation between falling oil prices and the advance/progress of a specific new source of energy called “energy catalizer”.

Apparently a well-known russian scientist has now found a way to replicate the same energy device.

But there is more, an article published today by a swedish energy journalist called Mats Lewan, provides a number of charts and data analysis that puts the whole thing in perspective and raises some questions, because it seems plausible that someone has started to bet that oil will not be anymore the primary source of energy for this planet, in the future.