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4 Safe Haven Investments to Replace Swissy & Gold

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Trying not to pre-judge the title as flat out stupid, let’s proceed to the article…

Four safe-haven investments to replace Swiss francs and gold –MarketWatch

Where to park your money until the next crisis blows over

Greece is on the edge of a dramatic exit from the euro EURUSD, -0.09% . The Russians are meddling in the Ukraine again. The oil price CLH5, -0.46% has been hammered, creating an arc of instability across the Middle East. The global economy is, as is so often the case, poised on the edge of another crisis. If it happens, money will start fleeing to safe havens, somewhere where it can be safely parked to ride out the turmoil.


Thank Ya, Crude!

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As my Slope+ readers well know, I’ve had a bug up my backside about energy shorts for quite some time. They’ve been doing a yeoman’s job keeping this bear happy in a market that seems to refuse to plunge. It’s interesting that the oil inventory report would come out this morning and cause  (appropriately, given its results) crude to accelerate its drop, only to have it rebound firmly. I’ve put an arrow at about the time the report came out. Crude seems to be re-weakening right now, and I’m dedicated to continuing my focus on this “bear market within a bull market”, in spite of a genius like Cramer declaring last week that oil “smelled like a bottom” (which, if you work at CNBC, passes as erudite analysis).