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Infinite Cans, Infinite Roads

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In the opening scene of Woody Allen’s 1975 film Love and Death, his character Boris narrates: “Isn’t all mankind ultimately executed for a crime it never committed? The difference is that all men go eventually, but I go six o’clock tomorrow morning. I was supposed to go at five o’clock, but I have a smart lawyer. Got leniency.”

And that, my friends, is exactly what we’ve just seen with this entire Greece farce.

How much ink was spilled analyzing this? How many blog posts went up on ZeroHedge alone about what could happen, what might happen, and what the various probabilities were?


Weak High

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I’ve had a few questions about whether I think that the uptrend from 1980.90 is over and on balance the answer is no. The reason why is on the charts below showing the patterns from that low on SPX, Dow, TRAN, NDX, RUT and NYA. Only two of those show decent patterns from that low and they are SPX and RUT. I could be mistaken but I’d be expecting most or all to show decent patterns at a strong high. If we see a break back down through the daily middle band at 2056 I’d look again.

Screen 3x SPX INDU TRAN 15min chart:

150220 Screen 3x SPX INDU TRAN 15min - Copy


Rocket Fuel’s Descent

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Below is the entire history of FUEL as a public company. You can see how well the shareholders have done. I glanced at the company description, and it read something like “Specialists in digital advertising that leverages big data.” So with three nauseating buzzwords in a row, I say: screw ’em. Oh, and by the way, this doesn’t reflect the after-hours bid/ask. Why is that, Tim? Because the 10-handle on the bid is so low, it’s not even visible on this chart.


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