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Technological Visionary

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When it comes to George Carlin, I’m starting to feel like a Talmudic scholar – – the more I listen to him, the deeper the meaning that is revealed. Anyway, I was listening to this portion of his 2005 show (the entirety of which is genius, and this is only a segment):


Signs of the Times

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Well, I need never fear my local tax dollars aren’t being well-spent. The city of Palo Alto paid for a sign to assure the (surely overpaid) assistant principal had his/her own parking spot. Well, they couldn’t manage to spell “assistant” properly, so they hastily paid for a replacement sign that reserved the spot for “A.P.” (I suppose they didn’t want to risk misspelling it again, and initials are usually pretty safe). Not to rest on their laurels, they paid for yet another sign to replace it the next day. Never have I seen government move so swiftly! Perhaps to hide what buffoons they are. Embarrassment is a powerful motivator, it seems.


E-mini S&P500 Market Analysis

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Chart Analysis

Yesterday the ESM15 market closed down again. The ESM15 DAILY chart below shows the support and resistance levels discussed in the LONG and SHORT sections below.

As you can see there is more room to go up than down, before reaching DAILY levels that will offer some meaningful opposition to a continued advance. This means that in theory the path is clear to go up, and combined with the fact that today is (at the moment of writing) the third day down in a row, a bounce is becoming more and more possible as we will see in the TO GO LONG section below.