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Culver City Charts

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Greetings from the interior of a huge shopping mall in Culver City, California. I am camped out here, long after the stores have all been shut, to try to crank out a post while my Tesla charges outside. I have spent the weekend here in the San Fernando Valley for a fencing tournament, and after careful consideration, having been utterly new to the charms of Chatsworth, Reseda, and CSU Northridge, I have reached the conclusion that this entire valley is a complete and utter shithole.

I find the city name Chatsworth particularly ironic, since I assure there is nothing emanating from this place that merits discussion of any kind. Road after road is lined with tacky strip malls packedΒ with liquor stores, massage parlors, “vape” palaces, crappy fast food joints, and cheap Chinese take-out. It’s depressing from end to end, and a Tsar-sized hydrogen bomb detonated somewhere near the center would probably push the Culture Index of the United States up by a few points.


Elliott Wave Feedback

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I recently did a post about my odd relationship with Elliott Wave. A Sloper sent a very thoughtful email which I thought you’d find of interest. He has given me permission to publish it:

I’m a long time Slope reader, but rarely read comments and have never contributed (I just don’t have the time). Your recent post, My Odd Relationship with EW, really struck a cord so I thought you might find my experience somewhat interesting.

I was an Elliott Wave Theorist subscriber for years, roughly 1983-1990. While I was too late for the 1982 market blast off, subsequently read back issues verified that the EWT had nailed it. My live time experience for the first 4 years was exceptional. As you said in your post I was “stunned at its prescience”. The EWT called the temporary top in late 83 (best recollection on dates) and then the bottom in 84. And was preaching coming explosion higher.


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