April Fuels

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Good morning, beloved Slopers.

First off, I guess my “Pride Before the Fall” post was timely. I didn’t realize Japan was coming out with key economic numbers last night, but they did, and, umm, the Nikkei seems to be telling Kuroda was a swell job he’s doing with the economy.


I’m also pleased, of course, to see our own report (in this case, the monthly jobs numbers) pushing the ES, TF, and NQ into my favorite color.

On a more positive note, I saw the Tesla Model 3 launch last night, and I think they’ve done a fantastic job. After the Model X fiasco (hideous styling, years late in delivery) I was concerned Tesla might be a one-hit wonder. Nope. I think they’ve knocked it out of the park with the Model 3, provided the ship date doesn’t slip too badly.


How much did I like it? This much…………


I don’t have a position in Tesla, nor do I intend to have one. I think they’re going to be on that list of companies I simply don’t short. They may be richly valued, but – – inappropriate as the metaphor is – – I think they’re running on all cylinders now.