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E-Z Disaster Guide

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I will make clear at the outset the fond feelings I have for ZeroHedge, which is an incredibly successful blog which makes bad news and gloomy forecasts its speciality.

Appropriately (or ironically) enough, the site launched precisely at the start of the most massive sustained asset appreciation in human history, and of the 7,398 times they’ve predicted Doom, nothing has happened. (No one need remind me of the quote about glass houses).

I gave it a bit of thought, and just off the top of my head, below are some of the mega-events I’ve read about repeatedly over the past eight years, along with their outcomes.


Let me know if I’ve missed any big ones (or upvote anyone who has done so with whom you agree).

E-Mini Surge

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I just finished up a more comprehensive examination of the market in a PLUS post here, so if you’re a member, check it out (and if you’re not, consider trying out a membership).

The ES has rocketed (which is appropriate, given the missile threats) higher lately, and we’re getting very close to the underbelly of that broken trendline. Umm, if the market wouldn’t mind, this would be a pretty good place to slow down and reverse.