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Sunday Trio

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We gave our daughter an epic birthday party this weekend (dinner out with a bunch of friends, took the same bunch to the Something Rotten musical in San Francisco, campout in a big tent in the back yard, s’mores over the fire pit, swimming in the pool, and crepes by me). So I’m crouched in a corner right now, suffering from blogger’s guilt, putting together a little post for my readers. Even Sunday is not a day of rest, although God-ordained, for Tim-bot.

So here are three ideas I’m short (out of my 48 positions) that I found of special interest. First up is Acadia Pharmaceuticals, which is sporting a well-formed diamond pattern. If broken, this becomes a powerful reversal pattern.



Do Companies With More Women Leaders Outperform?

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Image of women corporate execs via James Thompson's blog.

Is There Alpha In Gender Disparities?

The conventional wisdom for years, as this Harvard Business Review¬†post¬†exemplifies, has been that having more women as senior executives and directors would improve corporate performance. It appears that this may be untrue. I elaborate below, and discuss whether awareness of this may be a potential source of alpha. (more…)