Sunday Trio

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We gave our daughter an epic birthday party this weekend (dinner out with a bunch of friends, took the same bunch to the Something Rotten musical in San Francisco, campout in a big tent in the back yard, s’mores over the fire pit, swimming in the pool, and crepes by me). So I’m crouched in a corner right now, suffering from blogger’s guilt, putting together a little post for my readers. Even Sunday is not a day of rest, although God-ordained, for Tim-bot.

So here are three ideas I’m short (out of my 48 positions) that I found of special interest. First up is Acadia Pharmaceuticals, which is sporting a well-formed diamond pattern. If broken, this becomes a powerful reversal pattern.


Next is Advanced Micro Devices. Semiconductors had an incredible run until a few months ago, and they’re all starting to fizzle and pop. AMD seems especially prone to failure to my eyes.


Lastly is Buffalo Wild Winds, which has been “Old Faithful” lately. This is a massive topping pattern with plenty of downside potential left.