Bigger Dips

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The daily middle band is a, and perhaps the, classic place for a bear move rally to fail, and after three days of failing to break above the SPX daily middle band this rally failed there into today’s solid trend down day.

Since I capped the SPX chart below SPX has delivered a new retracement low. I’d like to see a move down to the 2405 area next to follow the path that I sketched in on the SPX chart at the end of July. Ideally SPX would then backtest 2450, possibly hitting the daily lower band at a lower level there, and then decline to the 2320 area, very possibly making the main retracement low there and setting up a solid dip buy opportunity into the end of the year. SPX daily chart:

170817 SPX Daily

NDX has now made a new retracement low as well and I still have a larger target back in the 5700 area from NQ, though I’ll be watching the gap area not far above for possible support. NDX daily chart:

170817 NDX Daily

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ES made the double top target I gave before the open this morning and kept going. Nice classic reversal. ES Sep 60min chart:

170817 AM 1-EQI ES Sep 60min

NQ made the double top target there and kept going. The new retracement low keeps open the 5710 target on NQ, though it isn’t as strong a target as the H&S target on TF. NQ Sep 60min chart:

170817 AM 1-EQI NQ Sep 60min

On TF the first H&S target at 1359 has been reached. The larger H&S target in the 1348 area should be reached soon. Might see a rally first. TF Sep 60min chart:

170817 AM 1-EQI TF Sep 60min

There’s a lot of talk about the bearpocalypse starting here, but I see fibonacci pullbacks as a sign of a degree of market health. Personally I have made no changes to the proportion of my holdings invested in baked beans and bullets, and I would suggest that it’s perhaps a little early to be gathering on mountain tops waiting for the end of all things. That said, I think the odds do favor more downside on equity indices in the next few weeks. 🙂