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The Popular Imagination

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Even though my Twitter account has nearly 18,000 followers, most of the things I tweet out get a handful of retweets and maybe a dozen “likes”. For some reason, however, there’s something I tweeted out recently that seems to have caught the public’s imagination. I got way more likes and retweets than anything else I’ve ever done.



As Good as it Gets; Like 2000 With a TWIST

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Preface from Tim which has nothing to do with the post below: if you missed my mentioning it earlier, SlopeCharts now has text notes and searching (try a search of “Top“, and you see lots of charts from me………obviously). I hope you check it out!


With the Semiconductor sector below but hailing its all-time highs, a lot of images come to mind; chief among them the 1999-2000 stock market bubbleโ€ฆ

In early 2013 we noted a progression that would go on to birth the current economic expansion and stock market boom (of course, I didnโ€™t come close to envisioning the extent of the boom that followed). Iโ€™ve belabored it often since, but hereโ€™s the short version of the progression yet againโ€ฆ

Fiscal Cliff drama resolves into market relief after Q4 2012 and this occurs right around the time we noted that Semiconductor Fab equipment bookings were ramping up โ†’ which projected a ramp in the cyclical Semiconductor industry โ†’ which would lead general manufacturing โ†’ which projected broader economic firming โ†’ which projected improving employment โ†’ and with ISM currently booming and the Semi cycle in full swing, voila, we are still on that continuum. (more…)

Searching Text Notes

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Hey, folks, let’s make some NOTES in SlopeCharts!

The entry of text notes, launched last night, is the “input” that Slopers contribute. The “output” is just as interesting, however, because you can search through the text notes of all Slopers to see the charts they have posted and what their annotations are.

There’s one problem, though – – there’s hardly any notes yet, because this is a brand new feature! So I’m going to do my part and start going through all my charts, annotating them copiously. We’d all appreciate if you’d do the same with your own charts. (more…)

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