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So Why Bother?

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I got a well-meaning email from a well-known Sloper who was intrigued at my creation of SlopeCharts. Since web-based charting has been around for many years, and quite a few companies (with lots of money and lots of employees) have already done it……..why bother doing it again? Why re-invent the wheel?

My initial motivation, as I’ve explained in earlier posts, was to give myself a charting platform that I liked. I never intended to re-create charting. As the saying goes, “been there, done that”, and it’s a lot of work. However, I tried – – I really, really tried – – to find something out there that I liked, and I hated all the offerings. Some were better than others, but I didn’t really like any of them. So I set about on my task. (more…)

Dow Back at Record Highs – Where’s the News?

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By Mike Golembesky,

In early September I wrote an article that asked the question, “Is it back to buy the dip or time to sell the rip?”

Since the publication of that article, the Dow has moved up over 900 points off of the low that was struck on September 5th. So clearly the answer to the question asked early this month was that it was still indeed time to buy the dip on the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

We now ask how much higher can the Dow go prior to seeing a significant retracement as we enter the final quarter of 2017? (more…)

Kemet Trade

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Note from Tim: I got a nice email from a Sloper who thought the blog could use some trades more at the beginner level; he kindly included two of his own to get things started. Here is the first…….

This is the first post of hopefully many more. The concept is to post a trading idea that starts a discussion about the trade. The post is for novices like me to learn from each other especially from the experienced Slopers. I have laid out the basics of the company, the trade idea and then the charts. As you can see, the charts are very basic and hopefully will become more sophisticated as experience and feedback occurs. Please join in the trading discussion:

  • Kemet Corp (KEM) – Manufacturers capacitors for electronic OEMS. EPS is projected to increase 292% for 2017 and 4.4& in 2018.
  • IBD has a very high composite rating of 99 (out of 100) and ranks their industry group very high
  • Zacks rating is a 3 (1 – 5 rating, 1 strong buy, 5 strong sell), and average analyst rating of bullish (9 analyst).
  • Stock has fair liquidity, earnings release 11/7


Time Periods in SlopeCharts

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I am delighted to let you know about another improvement in SlopeCharts. It may seem trivial, but it has been by far the most requested improvement:


Yep, now you can choose how much historical back data to fetch (For PLUS users, this includes pre-fetching!). I didn’t include this feature at first, because I’m an All Data kind of guy. However, some people prefer short time periods, and obviously you’ll enjoy faster load times with less voluminous data.

There’s really not much else to say……jump to SlopeCharts and try it out by clicking the Preferences icon on the extreme right.

Red Jobs

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Well, naturally they’re blaming the hurricane season, but for the first time in seven years, the monthly jobs report shows a loss. That’s rather remarkable……..nearly 90 months of steady gains (although, mysteriously, an ever-rising mass of people who have dropped out of the labor force forever), and suddenly a red bar. From ZH…….

Strangely, the ES and NQ are down (for the moment), even though their normal reaction to ANY news………any news at all………is positive. Let’s see if it sticks.

I’m particularly delighted that crude oil is getting beaten down, as I somewhat woozily did a post for my PLUS members, in the face of a horrific crude oil rally, indicating that it was going to be a one-day wonder and that we’d turn lower. The market gods have smiled upon me (and SlopeCharts) and made it so. (At the time I wrote, “The surge today has done nothing more than close up the gap(almost) between September 29 and October 2. In addition to this, we remain below the symmetric triangle. Until and unless USO actually crossed above $10.70, it seems to me price bias is to the downside.”)

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