Not-So-Bon Appetit

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I was searching for something on Slope the other day, and totally by chance one of the results was an ancient post from over a decade ago. It was mildly interesting re-reading it, especially the comments, since we were in the throes of a bull market that was never ending (like, umm, right now).

What caught my eye was a guy I had long forgotten about, Merrill Howard Kalin, who had his own cooking show on public access. Some things have changed over the past ten years, but my warped, deranged sensibility about what’s amusing has not. To those easily offended, don’t even click Play, because I don’t want to hear your griping. I’m not in the mood. Just remember……….raw chicken+cutting board+salad greens=danger.

More modern than Merrill, however, is Weber Cook, who is a guy that tried to put together cooking shows that even the most empty-headed college student could manage with a microwave. As this has become a meme too, some folks have kindly put sad music on the background, which is appropriate given the suicide-inducing content.