Defilements! Get ‘Em Here!

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I’ve got well over 18,000 followers on Twitter, but most tweets might get a dozen or so “Likes”. This one seems to have touched a nerve:


A handful of folks flipped out, since they are EW junkies and supporters. As far as I’m concerned, my tweet was putting it kindly.

On a more positive note, here on Slope the oft-loved Sloper Morrise put up a post that itself got a ton of Likes. It was a list of 45 life lessons.


Reading his post (which you can dig up in this comment stream) reminded me of something I learned about recently – – the 108 “defilements” which Buddhists seek to cleanse themselves of. When I heard about this, I was intrigued, so I dug it up on the web and read each one with interest:


At the risk of being too personal and open, I decided to tint the “defilements” for which I would have to count myself guilty. I’m not violent or depraved, but I’d definitely have some explaining to do for my behavior. (Although a few of them, like “effrontery”, I didn’t even understand, so I’ll consider myself blameless on those!) Anyway. Food for thought for us all.