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I’ve been working almost my entire life. I have done so because I have almost always been able to labor at something I love.

This web site has been my life for over thirteen years. Far longer than that, however, have been the books I have written. I wrote my first nationally-published book at the age of 16, and I am going to be releasing my 25th book in a few weeks. I consider it my finest work, and a large number of Slopers have kindly volunteered their time to proofread it (note to that group: hang in there, it’s coming).

Each of these books has been dedicated to someone important to me. I have been considering the appropriate person to whom to dedicate what I consider my latest, greatest book. Who has loomed large in my life? Who has always been there for me? And then, on Friday the 13th of all days, it hit me.

And it’s this guy:


Market “Dutch” Sniper has always been there for me, and for us as a group.

He’s never gone off the rails. He’s never failed to keep a promise. He has taught and guided more people here than I ever have. He has been the bedrock of the Slope of Hope for more years than I care to remember. He has, for me and the rest of us, been a true friend.

Indeed, he represents the best of what Slope can be. Besides that, the guy’s skill set is just ridiculous. He’s an amazing trader, real estate investor, gambler, family man………….you name it.

But beyond all that, he’s a straight-up mensch. He probably missed his calling as a character actor, but he’s probably been too busy with the eighty-seven other things he’s got going on in his life (all while battling any health ailments foolish enough to attempt to bring him down).

So, Dutch, this book is going to be for you. I’ve never known anyone more consistently reliable, helpful, and steady than you. Your years of active participation in Slope have made this place what it is, and your friendship to me has been priceless. I offer this dedication as a small token of a debt to you I can never repay.