A Dreadful Denouement

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You’ve probably heard the news that Bill Cosby, who is in his eighties, is going to get thrown into state prison. When I heard this, I instantly thought of my childhood, because I grew up with the Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. Every Saturday morning, I would watch kids’ programming from 8 a.m. until 11 a.m. (which is when the uninteresting stuff like Soul Train came on……….), and one of my favorite shows was this one:

It was, for me and a lot of the kids in suburban Louisiana, a very positive exposure to a world we knew nothing about (notwithstanding the fact that the clubhouse in the show was nestled in a giant mountain of garbage and human waste). Anyway, it’s just sad for everyone involved……….and brings a whole new meaning to “Bill’s gonna show you a thing or two.” We live in very strange times, my friends.

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