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Genius at Work

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This post is intended to disabuse people of the notion that, in the financial world, popularity equals competence. This is been much on my mind lately, because for some reason I have been buried in video ads with come-ons from all kinds of hucksters pledging that their followers can basically print money if they only sign up for their expensive seminars or join their programs. These programs must pull in enough suckers to make it worthwhile to the advertiser, because the ads persist.

Long before these, though, I saw the Crypto-Genius ads. Endlessly. I haven’t been shy about rolling my eyes at James Altucher’s ads that polluted everyone’s web browsers early this year. For obvious reasons (like the 95% drop in value on many cryptos), these ads have vanished, but in case you’ve forgotten, here’s what they looked like:


Full of Hot Air

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Let me preface this piece by saying I love ZeroHedge and have read it every day, without exception, ever since it appeared almost ten years ago. I think they provide a tremendous service, and I’m quite sincere in saying I wish they’d be given a Pulitzer Prize at some point for their bold reporting.


I’ve come to notice over the years that if there’s a particular potential disaster looming, our friends at ZH tend to hype it to the ceiling. In fact, it seems the more they hype it, the more of a nothing-burger it becomes in the end. Witness the reporting about Hurricane Florence this week……..


You’ll Laugh. You’ll Cry.

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I was delighted to see the reviews tumble in to Amazon about my new book (I just peeked again after I took this screenshot, and there are ten reviews now, nine of which are five stars).

I’m not sure what my problem is, but I can’t push myself to actually read the reviews, even if they are positive. But you can, so click here to see what folks are saying. I hope you’ll consider getting my book (especially the color one, which is super gorgeous). If you like Slope, you’ll love Babble On.