Full of Hot Air

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Let me preface this piece by saying I love ZeroHedge and have read it every day, without exception, ever since it appeared almost ten years ago. I think they provide a tremendous service, and I’m quite sincere in saying I wish they’d be given a Pulitzer Prize at some point for their bold reporting.


I’ve come to notice over the years that if there’s a particular potential disaster looming, our friends at ZH tend to hype it to the ceiling. In fact, it seems the more they hype it, the more of a nothing-burger it becomes in the end. Witness the reporting about Hurricane Florence this week……..

One might rightly assume the United States was about to be destroyed. This is breathless stuff.

Based partly on this bluster, and partly on the chart, two days ago I created this post for my Premium members (and you could be among that fine group by upgrading to Gold or Diamond!). Oh, and incidentally, premium folks, I am super-tightening my stop up to 40.50, just so you know. Anyway, the short idea is working out well………

Like I said, the chart was a big part of this, but the point I’m trying to make is……….the bigger and badder the news that ZH is predicting, the most muted the end result oftentimes is.

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