And It’s Still Pitch Black

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No, I’m not referring to the corners of my soul. I’m speaking of the lack of light in the early morning of Palo Alto’s suburban streets. In spite of just having woken up, I am treated to the following:

(1) Equities are continuing to weaken

(2) Crude oil has lost its energy

(3) Bitcoin is doing what it does best – – falling……….

(4) Which means the entire crypto space is continuing its collapse…….

(5) Theranos is finally LIQUIDATED, one billion dollars in venture capital later (and in spite of Tim Draper’s peculiar insistence that it’s because the world just can’t tolerate the idea of a successful female entrepreneur, such as Crazy Eyes)

(6) Elon continues to drift farther and farther off the rails………….

(7) And yet at least people can feed the ceaseless gambling instincts that the government has foisted upon society by nine continuous years of central bank wet-nursing………..even if they have invent new ways to do so…………

And, as icing on the cake, a ton of brand new Slope Plus Premium Memberships – – welcome, new members! I see exciting times ahead.

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