What the Heccis?

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I have been living and breathing Slope all through the holiday weekend, implementing the new multi-level membership system, and I stumbled upon a SocialTrader I had sort of forgotten about named Heccis  – – what I remember so distinctly about this fellow is that back in early 2009 he sent me projections he had made about what the stock market was going to do, and it basically had predicted the financial crisis but then went on to show equity markets were going to soar. Idiot permabear that I am, I rolled my eyes at this and dismissed it.

Suffice it to say his prediction was true (which called for absolutely outlandish prices – – in other words, pretty much what happened). Early this year, however, he made some new posts, and let’s just say I was more receptive to them this time.

Indeed, thumbing through his charts on SocialTrade, I was that early in 2017, he was predicting a continuation of the rise (which, as we know, happened).

This is part of the reason I made SocialTrade in the first place – – it gives us a way to look back, look forward, and also discover talent that we didn’t know about. I find Heccis’ work fascinating.

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