Two Junkies

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It probably comes as no surprise to my readers that I’m not exactly the hard drug type. Choir boy. Eagle Scout at 13. All around good kid. You get the idea.

I have read, however, about the experiences of those who use powerful drugs, hallucinogens, and so forth. It’s the safest way to satiate my innate curiosity about just about everything. Heroin, for example, is supposed to provide new users with the most peaceful, euphoric, blissful state imaginable. The flip side of that is that when you come out of your drug-induced fantasy, you once again realize how awful life is, how much everything sucks, and the one thing that matters to you more than anything else is to get back to That Feeling which was so magnificent. And you’ll keep doing that until you die.

I was reminded of this when I saw this article yesterday.


I had trouble keeping my jaw off the floor. Allow me to share a highlight or two:


OK, so here’s the situation as I see it.

You’ve got two nations, the United States and China. They each have their own cultures, their own traditions, and their own history. And yet, over the past several decades, particularly since 2008, the people of both nations have become heroin addicts.

The heroin is the trillions upon trillions of dollars provided by our street dealers, Chairman Xi and President Trump. They give us the sweet, sweet bliss we crave. We don’t want pain. Only pleasure. We crave the drug. We need the drug. We depend upon the drug.

Of course, heroin doesn’t just tumble from heaven. It needs to be manufactured. And that’s where the central bankers come in. They can crank out as much crank as we need.

But that’s the difference which Trump is bemoaning. See, he’s our dealer, but he’s at the mercy of his supplier. The supplier has a mind of his own. Maybe the supplier thinks he knows what’s best for all the junkies, and not the President. Maybe the supplier has enough experience with hopeless addicts to know the rate at which to drip the stuff out, whereas Trump wants to get all of us pathetic bastards immediately high.

Chairman Xi doesn’t have a problem like this. Let’s just say China can celebrate the Year of the Horse as long and as often as they want, because Chairman Pooh-Bear has their backs.

With this reckless and global addiction fully normalized, the media have long lost their ability to question it. They don’t just play along – – – on the contrary, they celebrate this insanity, as witnessed yesterday too.


And this is why even permabull doofuses like Jim Cramer have acknowledged since 2009 that “this is not going to end well.” Because anyone paying even a little bit of attention can see what’s going on. But you want to know something? Heroin addicts still have rational minds too, and deep down they know that it will all end in ruination. It’s just that facing up to reality hurts too much, so it’s best to keep it pushed just one more day in the future.