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Pixel Power

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Well, this is just spooky.

After the news came out about the drone attack, I was, like all of you, anxiously awaiting the open.

The ES gapped down something like 17 points, then it started climbing. And climbing. And climbing. And, self-pitying whiner that I am, I kept my “God damn it!” and “Son of a bitch” chorus going in my head, as I always do.

But here’s the weird thing:


Nothing Unreal Exists

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Just for fun, here’s a favorite clip from one of the Star Trek movies (I’m pretty sure it’s The Voyage Home). Spock has essentially been reborn and ha to relearn all the relevant knowledge. In the scene, Spock is being quizzed by a group of computers and is blasting through all the answers (being such a smart Vulcan and all), but he is stopped cold by the simple question: How Do You Feel? It’s a funny, poignant scene to which perhaps a few of us can relate.