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Yodel For Me, You Sap

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FUN FACT: This is Slope’s 24,000th post! And it’s a good one:

Let’s say you went up to a grown person and told them that, if they would try to yodel for you for 15 seconds, you would give them twenty dollars. They might hesitate at first, but most people would, within a pretty short amount of time, figure that was a fair trade and try to warble out a few yodel-a-ee-hoos for you.

You say “thanks” and walk away without paying them. They would probably leer at you and mutter an obscenity under their breath.

The next day, you find the same fellow and make him the same offer. I suspect at that point, instead of accepting your offer, he would make a very specific anatomical suggestion which not only you’re not interested in performing, but is itself impossible to perform. Needless to say, no yodeling would be forthcoming.