Bad. Sad. Brilliant.

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One of my (many) weaknesses is that I’m kind of set in my ways. I’m into certain music, certain movies, certain comics, and I rarely try anything new. For a while, though, one of my kids tried to turn me on to the comic Bill Burr, and once I finally started listening, I really started getting into him. So much so, that I’ve appointed him the Junior Patron Saint of the Slope of Hope (just behind the late, great George Carlin).

I highly recommend you watch his latest Netflix special, Paper Tiger. One of the best parts is a bit about Koko the Gorilla. The video below only shows the first half of the bit, but it integrates the actual footage he’s talking about (this isn’t part of the special; some YouTuber did it on his own). You’ll particularly appreciate it if you actually watch the whole special. Enjoy: