Dream a Little Stream of Me

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For those of you who use Tradier as their broker, I have some interesting news. For those who don’t, this is still relevant, but for different reasons.

We have been taking steps to integrate brokerage information into Slope on a steady basis. We are slowly moving from feature to feature, and broker to broker. My ultimate goal is an end-to-end strategy and trading platform right here on Slope.

Now, for the first time, Slope has true streaming data in SlopeCharts. In the past we have had sorta-kinda streaming data, which updated anywhere from every 60 seconds to, ostensibly, every 5 seconds. But this kind of ‘streaming’ is closer to ‘polling’ and isn’t that good. I intend to offer streaming for as many brokerage platforms as possible, and Tradier is the first.

If you are indeed a Tradier client, all you need to do is Log In within SlopeCharts (again, integration information is here). Afterwards, you can choose this new item from the Auto-Refresh menu:


At that point, the chart itself (whether intraday or daily) and the quote will update in real time. There is also a new Data Panel on the left side you can choose to get more complete quote information.


We’ve taken this a step further with another Data Panel called the Quote List. At the moment, it just shows some big ETFs, but soon we’re going to let you change it to any watch list of yours.


For those not on Tradier, hang in there. Like I say, our integration efforts are going to be a big focus for a long time to come.