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Wowser Trousers

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“Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment.”

– Rumi

Like the rest of us, I have many characteristics to my personality, some good, some bad. One of the better ones that I am pleased with is a sense of wonder. I am always open to being astonishing. I am always willing to accept the inexplicable as being possible. I recognize, as Saint-Exupéry did, that what is essential is invisible to the eye.

And, thus, with such lofty wisps, I offer the following chart. Although I say it every day, I’ll repeat – – click it for a bigger version, because I use enormous screens, as I personally think people using mobile devices to look at financial charts are psychotic, or at least masochistic. So here we go:


The Gaps Remaining

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I offer below a quartet of important index charts, each of which has a price gap well worth watching (the gap itself is shown in the black rectangle within each chart). Interestingly (almost to the point of impossibility), the last one, the broker/dealer index, isn’t even a gap I drew. It is instead a Fibonacci retracement line, which nailed the price gap literally to an accuracy of one penny.